The project

DIGIT-ALL is an Erasmus+ project that aims to improve and extend the supply of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of individual low-skilled or low-qualified adults by making available flexible learning offers adapted to their learning needs (e.g. blended learning, digital learning applications), and by the validation of skills acquired through informal and non-formal learning.

Furthermore, the project will help adult learners to develop their digital competences and, at the same time, to certify them under a European framework.

DIGIT-ALL will develop the following courses:

Course 1: Safety.

Course 2: Information and data literacy

Course 3: Communication and collaboration.

Who are the courses for:

– Low-skilled or low-qualified adults.

– Any person interested on the topic.

Project coordinator:


Orbis Institute is a non-government non-profit organization focused on education and development of one’s personality. It helps individuals to find new sources for their further personal growth and understanding of their role in the society.